I believe that we heal, not only with the extra support of a skilled healer and guide, but also through our relationship with nature. My goal as a therapist is to combine the two. We may meet at the beach or on a trail. We sit or walk. We talk and get to the bottom of the issues you are struggling with. My style is dynamic and collaborative. From the beginning, I encourage you to draw on your existing strengths and life experiences to begin the next phase of your healing, I'll help hold the flashlight and walk alongside as you take an inside look into those dark places.

As clients work with me, they can find meaning in their experiences, develop tools to deal with the stresses of a busy life, ready themselves to find love & intimacy, and create the stories they want to live, in this one amazing, yet sometimes turbulent, life. 

At this time I am only offering Tele-therapy 

My purpose is to provide you with whatever it is you need most to find your own answers to life’s big questions by drawing on a variety of influences and modalities, such as CBT, EMDR, Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy and Jungian Psychology,

I offer a rich background, and extensive training, in healing from physical and emotional trauma. Some of my areas of specialty are EMDR, LGBTQ issues, trauma, visual/appearance differences, living with other abilities, and adolescents/children. 

Individual Therapy – Discover balance and tools to stop anxiety and depression from keeping you from enjoying your work, relationships and moving toward true-life purpose.

​​Child & Adolescence – Through play and creativity help young people find their voices, build self-esteem  and feel safe to engage in learning, development and socializing.

Trauma Recovery – Specialty in burn and traumatic injury, as well as other traumas. Use EMDR, Hypnotherapy and body/mind connection to help you find safety in the world and heal triggers.

Clinical Supervision for MFT associates